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Leasing a car on the Isle of Man is transparent and simple– you pay a fixed monthly fee to use the car for an agreed time period and in return you receive a brand new vehicle.

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Benefits of leasing a vehicle

  • Simple and convenient

    Wave goodbye to depreciation concerns. You don’t need to worry about selling or trading in the car at the end of your agreement, you simply hand it back.

  • More car for your money

    You will be surprised at the just how low the monthly payments are, especially when you compare them to traditional car finance

  • Warranty & tax included

    Your 1st years road tax is included, and you will also get the full manufacture warranty with the vehicle.

More and more local families are choosing Rex Leasing

We decided to go down the lease route for the first time and we are thrilled that we did. Ian held our hand from the enquiry stage through to proving a choice of cars based on what we were looking for, to delivery of the car and thereafter providing after care service. My family love the car, it's perfect for us and we have Ian to thank. Thank you Ian, we definitely made the right choice.

Tarryn Boland-Porter gave this feedback after taking delivery of her brand new Nissan Qashqai

I would without doubt recommend Rex Leasing. Ian was so accommodating for what I was looking for and couldn't have been more helpful! He made it so easy and was really approachable and friendly throughout!
At the end of a smooth process I got a brilliant little motor that I absolutely adore. I couldn't recommend Rex Leasing enough and will definitely be going back time and time again!
Thanks Ian!

Hannah Taylor took delivery of her brand new Nissan Juke and left the above feedback. 

Leasing FAQs

The difference here is the VAT. A VAT registered business can claim the VAT back, so it works out cheaper for any VAT registered business.

No, you can enter into a lease agreement without any large upfront payment.

If you damage the vehicle, you would be expected to have it fixed, the same way you would if you owned it. When you hand the vehicle back it must be in line with the BVLA's fair wear and tear policy.

No, perhaps one day, but not at this moment in time.

Yes, just as it would be if you purchased the vehicle, your Isle of Man log book is in your name and you are the registered keeper for the duration of the contract.

Where possible we will try and obtain the vehicle locally, however in most cases they are supplied by our dealer network in the UK; the main driver of sourcing the vehicles from the UK is the price difference.

Yes, Rex Leasing will be happy to take your current off you as a part exchange.

The car is simply returned. You can then decide whether to lease again, or walk away.

Unfortunately, insurance is not included as part of the standard monthly car leasing price. This has to be arranged separately by the individual or business leasing the car.

Maintenance covers all routine maintenance, servicing, tires, batteries, exhausts and any necessary car repair costs but not accident damage.

If you go over your agreed mileage, there is a small surcharge to pay for each mile above this. This is usually in the range of 1-11p per mile and changes from car to car (ask you’re advisor what the excess is on the specific deal you’re looking at). Example: if the pence per mile charge is 3p and you go over the agreed mileage by 1000 miles, you will be charged £30.00. On the Isle of Man you will struggle to exceed the mileage.

The minimum period you can lease out for is 24 months.

If you want to end your car lease before the agreed contract period is up, you need to negotiate a settlement with the finance provider. This is usually around half the value of your remaining payments but can vary from funder to funder.

A lot of people are unsure as to what the payment structures of personal car leasing and contract hire actually mean. Here is a simple breakdown with an example:

Example - 3 + 35. This would be a 3 year contract made up of 36 individual monthly payments. The initial rental is 3 x the standard monthly rental amount, followed by 35 standard rentals. So, if the standard monthly payment was £119.99, the initial payment would be £359.97, making the contract 1 payment of £359.97 and then 35 payments of £119.99.

There are certain criteria which need to be met in order to get a car lease contract. It is essential that you have to be over 21 years of age, hold a valid UK driving licence, have 3 years' employment history and a reasonable credit rating. Without these 4 profile requirements, no finance company will consider you for a lease.

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